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Macy Woods.

Stratstone MINI are pleased to announce that we are Kit Sponsor for Macy Woods, local Kickboxer.

Macy regularly competes as part of the WKKC England and Roche Blackbelt Academy teams travelling to events around the country including World Championships.

Involved in Martial Arts since she was 4yrs old, Macy started her competitive Kickboxing career at just 7yrs old. Macy loves her sport and always trains hard working tirelessly to prepare for all competitions large and small. She trains 4/5 days a week with Sensei Graham Roche at Roche Blackbelt Academy and journeys to Liverpool & Rochdale to meet & train with her WKKC England Team mates for squad sessions. Macy has also recently started traveling to Birmingham to train with Sensei Jason Charlesworth at CMA as part of the newly formed SAP Development Squad.

Dedicated to her Sport and sacrificing the life of an average teenager Macy is always smiling with great enthusiasm & energy.

Macy has been hugely successful in her kickboxing career to date, she currently holds 4 separate World titles, 9 European, 10 British, 11 English National titles and 18 English championship medals not to mention the very many medals won competing in the smaller events around the country.